Accent the Floors

How to Use Small Details in Décor to Accent the Floors in Your Home

When thinking about the interior design of your home or any other space, you usually want to have some sort of cohesive color scheme. Depending on the type of space you are working with, there are many different ways to do that. If you are like me, you pay attention to the small details of everything. That means you have so many options for what to do with your space. Looking for décor in unexpected places can be so much fun. Most people tend to notice to floors, the wall, and the furniture first so I usually pick the floor to start with since that is usually the most difficult to change. Depending on what material you are working with you may be able to make changes yourself, by adding or removing a rug. However, one of the most versatile types of flooring is hardwood floor. You may have carpet, tile, or some other synthetic flooring. If you can match the walls and the furniture to the floor in some way, then your next step is using small pieces of décor to accent your floors and call attention to the detail. see more from

Using Wall Art to Accent Your Floors

This is a very common way to go about creating connectivity in your space. Many people choose to hang art on their walls that follow the same color scheme or pattern theme as the rest of their décor. For example, a very earth toned room with hardwood floors and a lot of restored furniture may have art that depicts the forest or nature in general. However, a very bright room with lots of rounded edges may have more abstract art consisting of shapes and colors instead of people and things.

Using Food to Accent Your Floors

Accent the FloorsThis may sound like a very strange idea but I have seen it done well more often than not. I think that candy, or other small offerings that can be displayed in a bowl is the best way to incorporate food into your décor. Some people are big fans of certain brands like Coca-Cola, or m&m, they usually choose to fit this into their décor as art, where they match the colors of the brand or packaging to the rest of their room. A hardwood floor would be used for more chocolatey candies, whereas fruity candies would probably pair better with bright or pastel tile.

Window Décor to Accent Your Floors

A third way that you are able to accent your floors is through window décor. It is important to think about what kind of natural light you get in your space, and how much light you want to have filter through any sort of hangings or shades that you may have installed. Once you have decided the style and weight of the window shades, you can start to look at the different designs. Depending on what the rest of your space looks like, you can think about patterns versus solid print, but make sure it does not clash with the décor you already have in your room.