Laminate Hardwood Flooring: An Appealing Floor Option

Laminate Hardwood Flooring: An Appealing Floor Option

If you are looking for wooden flooring that is inexpensive, easy to install and has minimum maintenance, then laminate hardwood flooring is for you. Laminate wood flooring is called such because it is made by laminating together several layers of wood. It is not really a hardwood, it’s surface is actually just a printed image of wood.

The outcome is strong and compact flooring

Laminate hardwood flooring is an appealing option for those who are thinking of having warm-looking floors but have a tight budget. This flooring option has several advantages aside from the obvious cheaper price.
For one, this type of flooring has high resistance over various elements. Since the wood layers have been laminated together, the outcome is strong and compact flooring that is resistant against high impacts. It also works well against scratching. Also visit this link: for more to know. However, make sure you try to prevent scratches from happening by not dragging heavy furniture across the floor.

Laminate Hardwood Flooring: An Appealing Floor Option

Second, because it is printed, you can find laminate hardwood flooring that imitates the type of hardwood you want – whether it is oak, maple, birch or pine. You can easily match your floor to whatever style you want your place to exude. The price is the same for whatever laminate design you choose.

Third, you won’t expect the wooden design to fade quickly even under direct sunlight because it is resistant to such. Even stains won’t ruin the design. You can also expect it to gleam even without putting on wax or without polishing; you just need to maintain its cleanliness and your floor will sparkle like new.

Fourth, among the many wood flooring options, only bamboo and laminate hardwood flooring can be used in half and quarter bathrooms. Half bathrooms are those that have only a shower area and a toilet, while quarter bathrooms are those that serve as “powder rooms”, having only a toilet and sometimes a mirror. Laminate flooring is alright for such high-moisture locations, as long as they are not directly hit by water, or, if so, only seldom.

Fifth, you can easily install laminate hardwood flooring compared to other wood flooring types. While others require you to nail down, staple or glue the wood flooring to the substrate below, laminate hardwood flooring can just be placed on top of the substrate floor. All you need to do is connect the interlocking system of the floor. Laminate flooring planks are typically available in the tongue and groove style to easily connect the planks. Because it is easy to install, there is no need for you to call a professional, you can do it yourself. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can install laminate flooring within a day.

One common problem with this type of floor is that it can be somewhat noisy to walk on, especially if you are wearing heeled shoes. If you need to read more you should visit here. A remedy for this is placing a thin padding between the substrate and the flooring. This flooring type can be placed anywhere in your home; whether you want it in the living room, dining area, bedroom or patio, you are sure to get yourself a nice, warm floor.