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In choosing your flooring whether indoors or outdoors, the goal is to have a flooring option that suits your fancy and satisfies your aesthetic appeal. Faux stone flooring is a step in the right direction to transform your plain outside concrete floors to mimic whatever stone types suits your style. Applying decorative stencils and stains, and using cement-based floor toppings can help you change the face of your concrete canvass into something beautiful.


Faux stone flooring can be done personally or by a professional who works according to your specification. Whoever it  is, you will be needing  safety goggles, rubber gloves, chisel and hammer, long handle paint roller,small paint brushes ,pressure washer or garden hose with high pressure nozzle, measuring tape, quick release tape ,concrete etcher ,Acrylic-base concrete stain, mixing tray and slip-resistant additives.


Protect yourself: You will be creating a faux stone flooring with some chemicals and there is a tendency that mistakes may occur and the stains may spill on you. The best way to prepare for these eventualities Incas they occur is to protect yourself with the googles, gloves and overalls if you have any.

Clear and Clean : You wouldn’t be needing obstacles as you work and discolorations that may rare their ugly heads after faux finishing. Hence, the need to clear the concrete floors (if it’s a patio) and scrub the floor thoroughly, looking out for greases and oils. This can be done with a concrete etcher, a degreaser and pressure washer. Allow the concrete floor to dry for about 24 hours.

Apply the base coat: After the concrete floor must gotten dry, base coat the entire concrete slab using the base colour of the concrete stain that must have been adulterated by the additive. Mask off areas you wish to protect from paint by using painter’s tape. Also, to get the best of grout lines in between the faux stones it is proper that the base colour be same as the desired grout.

Create your stone template: Using cardboard sheets or whatever media, you can draw out the designs that mimic the stones you desire. Then, you can cut out the shapes from the cardboard. These shapes should represent the exact sizes you desire your stamp to take.

Turn your template into stamps : The cardboard cuttings are reinvented into stamps by tracing their designs on foams and other media. The tracings are cut out carefully so that the stamp bears exact resemblance with the cardboard template.


The paints are poured into a large tray to form a pool of paints. Then, the stamps are dipped into this paint pool and their paint coated side pressed onto the concrete. This routine is done simultaneously until the stone stamps are exhausted, it is also proper to cut enough of these stamps to avoid removing them too quickly from the concrete, which may impair the faux quality. Also to be noted,  gaps of about 1/8 to 1/4/inches must be left in between stamps which will serve as the grout design.

The stamps may be re-used and later rotated to create new designs until the fauxing is complete.  For optimum faux stone flooring results, the paint should be allowed to set for about 24 hours before walking on it.


Recreating the design of a stone flooring on your concrete slab is quite a way to give yourcorridir, walkway or patio a facelift. Faux stone flooring is surely fun but can be quite tiring , if there are no partners. Just follow the laid out steps above and your faux stone flooring will be ready faster than you expected.

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What Are the Advantages of Polished Concrete Floors in the Home?


Polished concrete floors, long consigned to complete basements and commercial spaces, are preparing well-deserved inroads into residential houses. Recent progress in the ability to stain and seal concrete has increased its artistic appeal, allowing it to finish with other stone floors like marble, slate, and granite, at a fraction of the cost. The polished concrete flooring provides a lot of benefits to home builders and renovators. Below are some of the benefits of construction your new home with polished concrete floors or showing the concrete floor of your existing home.

Polished Floors Are Sustainable

Those most interested in construction sustainable housing from the environmental point of view have been among the first to embrace polished concrete floors, and for good reasons. Sealed concrete has a really low ecological impact. If your home, like most, is constructed on an existing concrete slab, just sanding and sealing the concrete eliminates the requirement for more materials for floors that are naturally expensive. The compounds used to seal concrete floors do not have a lasting smell.

The Treated Concrete Offers Good Value

Along with making polished concrete extremely sustainable, concrete has long been the minimum costly flooring option available. The fact is that concrete is pre-installed in most homes since most houses are constructed on concrete slabs. Therefore, concrete occupies second place after bare ground in terms of initial outlay. And the reflective surface of the polished concrete can help decrease the cost of interior lighting. It stays cool in the summer, also reducing the cooling costs of the household.

Polished Concrete Is Easy to Maintain

Most traditional floors have rigorous cleaning necessities. The carpet should be vacuumed. Floorboards require waxing. Marble floors may require certain cleaners and are prone to scratches, which need certain attention. On the contrary, a polished concrete floor, which is extremely resistant to scratches and stains, can be cleaned simply when needed. This may end up saving you hours in labor and cleaning expenses.

Concrete for Floors Is Very Durable

The treated concrete floors are some of the most durable in the world. This has been known for a long time by commercial interests, who usually use this option of flooring in showrooms, commercial premises and other high traffic areas. Concrete lets the floor to breathe, therefore, it is not vulnerable to problems of moisture and rot such as tile or vinyl floors, which can trap moistness between themselves and the bottom slab, resulting in replacements costly.

Sealed Concrete Provides Health Benefits

Dust mites and household dust have been well-known to exacerbate allergies, and are chiefly challenging for people with existing respiratory problems. Carpets, with their long fibers, tiles, and floorboards, with their lines and grooves, are popular to harbor bacteria, germs, and mold. The polished concrete is transparent, leaving no room for dust mites to fold and expose bacteria that may be surrounded by the tiles and the floorboards.

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Concrete Is Extremely Versatile

Homeowners have a lot of options in regards to treatments and stains. For homeowners who want to avoid the wet appearance often connected with polished concrete, there are silicone-based penetrating sealants. For owners who were allowing for reclaimed wood planks, concrete may be stamped to imitate them. It can also be prepared to resemble slate tiles.


In the end, concrete comes pre-installed in effectively every home. Properly polished and sealed, it is one of the most naturally sustainable flooring choices available and one of the most versatile. Briefly, sealed concrete flooring provides many advantages over other floors. It is not known that the benefits of concrete flooring are being accepted by savvy home builders and renovators.

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